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Do you offer any kind of guarantees?
Yes. Our team stakes a large amount of money on the tips. If an unfortunate event where you do not achieve profits from your purchased tips, the next tip will be sent absolutely free of charge. Free tips are automatically send on the following match day, as and when available.

What are the payment options?
We provide local banking for all Asian and major European countries. Please contact us regarding bank details. We also welcome Western Union transfer worldwide as it is the fastest way to receive money around the globe. You will be allowed instant access after making payments.

How do I receive the tips?
All tips are send through SMS to your registered mobile number. Upon request, tips can also be delivered to your email address.

Which odds are your tips based on?
All our tips are based on the Asian handicap Odds.

My bookmakers does not accept Asian handicap odds/ does not accept big wager, what should I do?
Kindly send us an email and we will recommend you a couple of worthy bookmakers.

More questions?
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